The Department of Computer Science offers the following academic programs. To learn more about our academics goals, see our program outcomes or the college course catalog

Calvin’s Bachelor of Computer Science degree (BCS) is the more rigorous of our two CS degrees. It is designed for you if you're looking for a course of study that provides significant breadth and depth in computer science.
Calvin College's BA/BS in Computer Science program will equip you with skills you need to solve complex problems, create software solutions, and pursue topics that interest you within the field.
Information systems is the study of information technology and how it can be leveraged to bring value to an organization. This degree is intended for you if your primary interests are in information technology and project management.
The data science major combines roughly equal portions of computer science and statistics with a substantial cognate in a domain area of your choice, where you will apply your data analysis skills.
Create meaningful and effective content in an ever-growing digital landscape. Build your design skills and technical knowledge and learn how to spread ideas and bring people together on the web.
Gain a strong foundation in programming fundamentals and learn about the theories behind the discipline through Calvin's computer science minor (18-24 semester hours).
Calvin College's Information Systems minor will help you better understand the role played by data and systems in business and nonprofit organizations.
Calvin College's minor in Data Science will equip you with the skills needed to process and manage massive amounts of data, which have become prevalent in modern statistics.
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