Information Systems Major (BA)

Calvin College's BA/BS in Information Systems includes a selection of courses from information systems, computer science, and business. Christian leadership is foundational to the major. Team-building concepts are introduced early in the curriculum, followed by small group projects, and finally a significant class-sized project managed completely by students. Graduates will be equipped for roles in areas such as systems analysis, systems administration and associated software development.

Note: In 2019, we're initiating important changes to our academic offerings. See the 2019 Program Changes page or the 2019 New Major Info tab to understand these changes.

  • IS-175 Productivity Software
  • IS-371 Information Systems Leadership
  • DATA-202 Information Systems and Data Management
  • CS-108 Introduction to Computing
  • CS-112 Introduction to Data Structures
  • CS-262 Software Engineering
  • CS-195 Introductory Computing Seminar (3 semesters)
  • CS-295 Computing Seminar (3 semesters)
  • CS-384 Perspectives on Computing
  • CS-338 Computer System Administration OR
  • CS-342 Database Management Systems
  • BUS-160 Business Foundations
  • ACCT-203 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • ECON-221 Principles of Microeconomics
  • Two 300-level courses from business or economics

Two from:

  • CS-300 Special Topics in Computer Science: Bioinformatics
  • CS-300 Special Topics in Computer Science: Compiler Design
  • CS-312 Logic, Computability and Complexity
  • CS-320 Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CS-324 Cross Cultural Engagement across the Digital Divide
  • CS-332 Advanced Computer Networks
  • CS-342 Database Management Systems
  • CS-344 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS-352 Computer Graphics
  • CS-364 Computer Security
  • CS-372 Numerical Analysis
  • CS-374 High Performance Computing
  • IS-337 Introduction to Website Administration
  • or an approved interim

One from:

  • BUS-359 Internship in Business OR
  • CS-394 Senior Internship in Computing


  • STAT-143 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • MATH-132 Calculus for Management, Life, and Social Sciences (preferred) OR
  • MATH-171 Calculus I

The following course schedule provides a suggested framework for students pursuing this degree who have very limited exposure to computing concepts.

*NOTE: If CS108 is taken in Fall of the Freshman year, it should be immediately followed by CS112 the following Spring in the Freshman year.  The suggested program is for those who may prefer a more gradual build up of software coding skills.

*** DATA 202 may eventually change to a Spring course.

  • IS/CS 300 elective
  • BUS/ECON 300 elective
  • CS 295
  • IS/CS 300 elective
  • BUS/ECON 300 elective
  • BUS 359 or CS 394
  • CS 295

Students in this program are eligible for the following scholarships and awards: